Interview on Project Bring Me to Life Podcast


I have been invited to speak on the Project Bring Me to Life Podcast at 8pm Eastern time on Tuesday, September 23. The show will run for an hour, broadcast live on YouTube.

I look forward to connecting with host Selomon and co-host Nick Mielnicki. I imagine we’ll talk about my present work in group facilitation using Process Work and related systems, as well as my work over the years as a writer.

If you miss the live broadcast, the podcast will be available for streaming on their website or YouTube channel. (I will update this post after the fact with an embedded player.) You can also follow their Facebook page.

UPDATE: Here is the video interview! Enjoy!!

Freaquinox 2014


10556961_10152227006986286_2000941599361029689_oI am scheduled to lead a workshop on the first evening of Freaquinox 2014, an intimate participatory festival at Mulberry Hill Agrarian Cooperative in Saline, Michigan.

As the Facebook event page says, “Freaquinox is our annual celebration of the bounty of the growing season, fire, the beauty of fall, the magic of life, each other and all that is good in the world.”

Freaquinox takes place Friday to Sunday, September 19-22, and admission is either by minimum 4 hours of volunteering or monetary contribution of $40 (or some other combination of performance, presentation, etc).

This is the same space where Metta Morphosis happened back in May, and Freaquinox promises to be another important gathering for the SE Michigan “tribe.” Don’t miss it!

Dance Church Detroit



Dance Church Detroit is coming! I first experienced Dance Church in May at the small festival Metta Morphosis. Carla Samson facilitated, as she usually does at Dance Church Ann Arbor. And it was an amazingly transformational experience that capped a lovely weekend of building new connections in Michigan’s heart-centered community.

Since then, Alex Moore and I have been working, with Carla’s guidance, to get one going in the city of Detroit. Now we finally have a plan to start on Sunday, September 14, at House of Bastet!

In short, Dance Church is a free movement practice with no verbal conversation in which people are free to express themselves however feels right. It reminded me in some ways of the ecstatic dance practices I had experienced in Colorado and Oregon. However, there are a few key differences, and this model feels “just right” to me.

Alex and I are preparing the music and planning to co-facilitate the first few. Then we’ll be inviting others to do the same. We really want this to be a Detroit community project that bridges gaps and connects people in an entirely new way.

Here are the basics:

Sunday, September 14th
11:00am – 1:00pm
House of Bastet
1301 W Lafayette Blvd
Suite 111
Detroit, MI 48226
Donation based ~ Give what your heart feels

Please view the Facebook event for more info, and join the Dance Church Detroit group for future updates!

Workshop Confirmed at Three Days of Light

3DL flyer QR code

(click to enlarge)

I have been confirmed to lead a workshop at Three Days of Light Gathering, happening near Asheville, North Carolina, from Oct 3-5. This year’s theme is “Return to Innocence,” and the schedule is full of amazing activities. I can’t wait to experience the Asheville area for the first time. I have fond memories of exploring the nearby Smoky Mountains National Park a a child.

My workshop, “The Dreaming Feeling Background,” is currently scheduled from 2:00-3:15pm 3:30-4:45pm on Sunday (Updated on 8/28/2014). With those 75 minutes I plan to offer some inner/outer personal development work. It’ll likely involve an individual meditation, an exercise in pairs, and a full Group Process.

Tickets currently start at $115 for field camping, and go up depending on if you want a different camping area or indoor lodging packages.

By using this LINK to buy tickets, you will be supporting me directly. I will receive a portion of the sale, and this will contribute to my dream of working as a transformative group facilitator. You can also enter NickMeador (no space) in the promo code line for a $10 discount on your total purchase!

Click on the image to the right to see the types of workshops and ceremonies they have planned, and the initial music line-up. Also check out Emergence Earth, the conscious social network from the creators of Three Days of Light. Email me with any questions. Otherwise I’ll see you in North Carolina in October!!

Yoga Fest and Ongoing Group Process Series



This weekend I got to facilitate an impromptu workshop at the 4th annual Yoga Fest at Song of the Morning retreat center when they had a Friday afternoon cancellation. First I led a Group Process, which ended up being a lot about boundaries, assertiveness, and being able to say NO. Then I led an inner work exercise to help people integrate the energy of a disturbing or mysterious viewpoint or figure that was either present or referred to in the Group Process. One of the main lessons was to take a pause before agreeing to a request, to make sure we actually have the resources of time, energy, etc., at our disposal. I’m continually blown away by the wisdom in groups! And I thought it went really well considering those dozen people mostly expected a straightforward meditation workshop.

My next scheduled event is a Group Process in Ferndale on August 14. This is at a private residence. Please email or view the Facebook event for more info. I’m also cooking up a Group Process in Ann Arbor for Aug 18 or 19. Details to be determined. To stay in the loop, please join the Dreaming Feeling Detroit group on FB or request to get email updates.

HUG Detroit Healing Share and Potluck


10462508_10203275886316313_8065757297305288025_nThis one is a little short notice, but I wanted to spread the word that I’ll be facilitating the closing activity at the HUG Detroit Healing Share and Potluck on Thursday, July 24 in Grosse Pointe Park.

Linda Groblicki is hosting these monthly gatherings to build momentum for a permanent HUG Detroit center. As she says, it would be “a center that is a clearing for healing, restoration, and transformation. Meditative, relaxing, creative activities and healing modalities… a space to regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system.

My portion will be from 9:15-9:45pm and will include a couple of Process Work exercises. Hope you can come! You can find a map and other info on the Facebook event.

Start of Detroit Group Process Series



I’d like to start a weekly or biweekly Group Process series in the Detroit area. I have planned the first one for 7-9pm on Tuesday, July 1, in Ferndale, Michigan.

This will take place at a private home. To get the location, please email me at dreamingfeelingdetroit [at] or join the Dreaming Feeling Detroit group on Facebook. Since space in the Group Process is limited, check with me about bringing any friends. If you have any questions, send them via email or post a comment below.

Then there will be a few weeks break, and the weekly series should proceed on Tuesday, July 22. Stay tuned for more info!

Process Work views dreams and body sensations as potentially symbolic of our mental and interpersonal lives, and views the individual as a microcosm of the group or species. Group Process is about sensing what’s “in the field” and then working to access the deeper dreams and feelings in the background. The result is a bit like a community meditation that trains in stepping outside our usual perspective, communicating more effectively, and opening up to unexpected magic.

Workshop at Imaginarium Gathering

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In my excitement about Metta Morphosis, I also applied to run a workshop at Imaginarium Gathering — yet another intimate festival in the Ann Arbor area from June 13-15. This one will be a bit more music-oriented, with Phutureprimitive, Blockhead, Govinda, and Dixon’s Violin topping the music line-up.

The festival will also feature many “playshops” and ceremonies. In fact, Sunday will be only that stuff – no music! My workshop is currently scheduled from 3:00-4:30pm on Friday, June 13, in the Starseed Sanctuary. The title again will be The Dreaming-Feeling Background. But this time I’ll have 90 minutes, so expect a fully immersive Process Work experience!

Tickets are only $60 for the whole weekend, and single-day passes are also available. This is an independent, not-for-profit festival, which means that money is going to cover operational costs — not boost corporate dividends. Here’s your chance to support yet another unique and exciting alternative-culture event happening in Michigan.

You can also join the Facebook event, and I recommend carpooling. Hope to see you there.

Workshop at Metta Morphosis



Big news here! I am scheduled to lead a workshop at Metta Morphosis, a new community transformation gathering happening in Saline, Michigan, at the end of May. This intimate event is based on the Burning Man principles. “No headliners, no spectators. Cap of 200 co-creators.”

My workshop is slated for 7-8pm on Friday, May 30. The title will be “The Dreaming-Feeling Background.” Here’s the current description.

Process Work is a post-Jungian approach to turning disturbances and conflicts into opportunities for growth and transformation. Drawing on fields as diverse as shamanism, Taoism, and quantum physics, Process Work views body sensations and dreams as symbolic of what’s happening in our mental and interpersonal life, and treats the individual as a microcosm of the group or species. In Worldwork (or group Process Work), we address what interests and concerns are in the field, then use a variety of approaches to access the deeper dreams and feelings in the background. The result is a bit like a community meditation that trains in stepping outside our usual perspective, communicating more effectively, and opening up to unexpected magic. Group process can either start with an established topic, like spiritual development, or begin with a blank slate and reach a consensus together.

It’s not too late to get involved with Metta Morphosis! They’re asking all attendees to either create/perform, volunteer, or donate. Get more info on that here. And you can also track the action on their Facebook event.

Jargonless Culture: A New Mash-Up


It had been a while since I made any mash-up videos. My usual method required a steady input of new video and music content, as well as access to enormous hard drive space. I was without all of that throughout 2013.

Then I found out about the Maraya Karena Show, a video blog created by massage therapist, writer, cyborg anthropologist — and my friend — Maraya Karena.

A recent episode called “Jargon is the Death of Culture” really captivated me with its insightful message and poetic flow. So I asked Maraya if she’d mind having it mashed up!

I matched it with the song “Fresh Flowers Ahead” by Kona Triangle, from the 2009 album Sing a New Sapling Into Existence. This music is very special to me, and I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to use it in a mash-up.

Here it is! Hooray!!

I hope you enjoy it! And feel free to share. I also encourage you to watch the original, as well as Maraya’s many other videos. While you’re at it, subscribe to her YouTube channel!