I am a holistic facilitator, intuitive coach, and writer.

My mission is to empower and liberate people!

I synthesize a variety of communication, awareness, and process dynamics systems into an unprecedented approach to healing and self-development. My work can benefit individuals, couples, families, and groups/organizations.

So far I have completed 50 days of intense experiential training in facilitation and coaching. I also draw tools and inspiration from Nonviolent Communication, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Focusing, Dragon Dreaming, intentional community, shamanism, and more.

My work is about pushing the edges of our self-image and perceived abilities, by getting in touch with the energy of that which disturbs, frightens, or mystifies us. Problems and conflicts – whether in a relationship, your emotional life, your body, or your dreams – become doorways to growth, meaning, direction, fulfillment… in short, to transformation.

I’ve devoted myself to developing the tools and skills that will play an important part in manifesting a more sustainable, magical world. I offer my services in both private and public settings, both online and offline.

To learn more about my work, visit the Services page.

– This fall I am traveling to Spain for a healing and educational journey.

I’m running a fundraiser campaign to make the trip more feasible.

Visit my GoFundMe page to learn more.

– The esteemed web magazine Elephant Journal has published my article describing

how I’m preparing for the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and a training seminar in

large group facilitation, despite living with chronic illness for the past four years.

Read it here!

– Ways to follow me on my journey:

1) I’ll post reflections and photos on Facebook and Twitter

2) I’ll post geotagged photos to a map in Google Picasa, to outline my pilgrimage as I go

3) I’ll post videos on YouTube

4) I’ll send email updates via my Google Group

5) I’ll post an occasional update on the GoFundMe campaign, which will run until I get home


I created this map to depict my plan for Spain (click it to view in full size). (1) Fly into Bilbao on Sept 2nd. (2) Walk part 1 of the Camino del Norte (the Northern Way) during Sept. (3) Fly from Avilés to Barcelona for the Deep Democracy Institute intensive, then fly back to Avilés. (4) Walk part 2 of the Camino from mid-Oct to early Nov, stopping in Santiago de Compostela (technically the Camino’s end). (5) Continue to Finisterre, which used to be considered the end of the world! (6) Bus to A Coruña. (7) Fly back to Bilbao and return to Detroit.