I am a holistic facilitator, coach, consultant, and writer.

My mission is to empower and liberate people!

I synthesize a variety of communication, awareness, and process dynamics systems into an unprecedented approach to healing and self-development. My work can benefit individuals, couples, families, and groups/organizations.

So far I have completed 50 days of intense experiential training in facilitation and coaching. I also draw tools and inspiration from Nonviolent Communication, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Focusing, Dragon Dreaming, intentional community, shamanism, and more.

My work is about pushing the edges of our self-image and perceived abilities, by getting in touch with the energy of that which disturbs, frightens, or mystifies us. Problems and conflicts – whether in a relationship, your emotional life, your body, or your dreams – become doorways to growth, meaning, direction, fulfillment… in short, to transformation.

I’ve devoted myself to developing the tools and skills that will play an important part in manifesting a more sustainable, magical world. I offer my services in both private and public settings, both online and offline.

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Spain-trip-map2In fall 2015 I traveled to Spain on a healing and educational journey.

I walked 410 miles on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage!

Before I left, the esteemed web magazine Elephant Journal published my article describing how I prepared for the Camino and a training seminar in large group facilitation, while working to overcome long-term illness.

Read it here!

On the Camino I gained much inspiration and insight. I have set the intention to:

  • Start a company for consulting, facilitation, and publishing
  • Launch a video blog with special focus on holistic lifestyle and wellness (now LIVE! See below)
  • Revamp my email newsletter to send more regular videos and articles (Click HERE to join)
  • Offer walking coaching sessions in nature

(Click this image for more videos)

  • Publish a Camino ebook with photos and reflections from the trip
  • Give Camino presentations about my experience and learnings.

Now I have recorded a video presentation called THE WAY IS MADE BY WALKING. You can watch the trailer and download the video here:

Part1: https://sellfy.com/p/RVm5/

Part 2: https://sellfy.com/p/Shss/

My video blog is called INNER WAYMARK and it’s now live on Tumblr and YouTube. I’ll also post videos on my Facebook page.

Here’s what you’ll see on your first visit to my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe!