Getting Back to Business


In 2013 I deleted my existing websites. I needed a fresh start, and I was tired of paying the hosting fees. But in these times, not having a website is like not having… er… uh… something indispensable.

Now I’m clearing out this old blog and starting over. This will be a place to provide updates on my writing and art, any events I help organize, and my development as a counselor and facilitator. I recently got back to the Detroit area (my hometown), and I’m looking forward to organizing people and groups working to build an alternative, sustainable community.

I expect to be finishing my first book this spring. I’ll be posting updates about that here, as well as news alerts any time I publish shorter pieces online. Hopefully I’ll also resuscitate some articles that were lost when I deleted my old website. (Oops!)

You can also follow me on Facebook (which I’m using less and less) or Twitter (which contains posts forwarded from Facebook). In an effort to be able to reach people independently from these services, I’m also starting an email newsletter. Feel free to sign up (Update 3/4/2014: Sign up here). I won’t send more than one or two updates per month — I promise!


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