Coming This Year: Evolver Detroit


D-favicon---FB-logoOne project I hope to focus on as 2014 progresses is creating a “spore” (or regional hub) of the Evolver Network in southeast Michigan. This great organization has groups around the world, and they’ve been in transition mode to develop a new approach for the future.

I helped run a spore in Boulder while living there in 2012. We focused on presentations, documentary screenings, meditation events, special topic discussions, and creative mixers.

Detroit is a much different place, with different assets and different needs. I imagine a spore here will first and foremost be a networking engine that connects people and groups in the region who are working to create a more sustainable, holistic, and vibrant community. Then maybe it could lead to periodic convergence events that bring the community together for learning, growth, and celebration.

With that in mind, I’ve created an Evolver Detroit website to track progress. I also started building a local resources page over there. If you want to be involved in any way, please use the contact form on that site. And you can follow the Twitter page and Facebook page, and join the Facebook group.

(Update on 3/5/2014: Added image)


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