Jargonless Culture: A New Mash-Up


It had been a while since I made any mash-up videos. My usual method required a steady input of new video and music content, as well as access to enormous hard drive space. I was without all of that throughout 2013.

Then I found out about the Maraya Karena Show, a video blog created by massage therapist, writer, cyborg anthropologist — and my friend — Maraya Karena.

A recent episode called “Jargon is the Death of Culture” really captivated me with its insightful message and poetic flow. So I asked Maraya if she’d mind having it mashed up!

I matched it with the song “Fresh Flowers Ahead” by Kona Triangle, from the 2009 album Sing a New Sapling Into Existence. This music is very special to me, and I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to use it in a mash-up.

Here it is! Hooray!!

I hope you enjoy it! And feel free to share. I also encourage you to watch the original, as well as Maraya’s many other videos. While you’re at it, subscribe to her YouTube channel!


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