Workshop at Metta Morphosis



Big news here! I am scheduled to lead a workshop at Metta Morphosis, a new community transformation gathering happening in Saline, Michigan, at the end of May. This intimate event is based on the Burning Man principles. “No headliners, no spectators. Cap of 200 co-creators.”

My workshop is slated for 7-8pm on Friday, May 30. The title will be “The Dreaming-Feeling Background.” Here’s the current description.

Process Work is a post-Jungian approach to turning disturbances and conflicts into opportunities for growth and transformation. Drawing on fields as diverse as shamanism, Taoism, and quantum physics, Process Work views body sensations and dreams as symbolic of what’s happening in our mental and interpersonal life, and treats the individual as a microcosm of the group or species. In Worldwork (or group Process Work), we address what interests and concerns are in the field, then use a variety of approaches to access the deeper dreams and feelings in the background. The result is a bit like a community meditation that trains in stepping outside our usual perspective, communicating more effectively, and opening up to unexpected magic. Group process can either start with an established topic, like spiritual development, or begin with a blank slate and reach a consensus together.

It’s not too late to get involved with Metta Morphosis! They’re asking all attendees to either create/perform, volunteer, or donate. Get more info on that here. And you can also track the action on their Facebook event.


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