Start of Detroit Group Process Series



I’d like to start a weekly or biweekly Group Process series in the Detroit area. I have planned the first one for 7-9pm on Tuesday, July 1, in Ferndale, Michigan.

This will take place at a private home. To get the location, please email me at dreamingfeelingdetroit [at] or join the Dreaming Feeling Detroit group on Facebook. Since space in the Group Process is limited, check with me about bringing any friends. If you have any questions, send them via email or post a comment below.

Then there will be a few weeks break, and the weekly series should proceed on Tuesday, July 22. Stay tuned for more info!

Process Work views dreams and body sensations as potentially symbolic of our mental and interpersonal lives, and views the individual as a microcosm of the group or species. Group Process is about sensing what’s “in the field” and then working to access the deeper dreams and feelings in the background. The result is a bit like a community meditation that trains in stepping outside our usual perspective, communicating more effectively, and opening up to unexpected magic.


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