Yoga Fest and Ongoing Group Process Series



This weekend I got to facilitate an impromptu workshop at the 4th annual Yoga Fest at Song of the Morning retreat center when they had a Friday afternoon cancellation. First I led a Group Process, which ended up being a lot about boundaries, assertiveness, and being able to say NO. Then I led an inner work exercise to help people integrate the energy of a disturbing or mysterious viewpoint or figure that was either present or referred to in the Group Process. One of the main lessons was to take a pause before agreeing to a request, to make sure we actually have the resources of time, energy, etc., at our disposal. I’m continually blown away by the wisdom in groups! And I thought it went really well considering those dozen people mostly expected a straightforward meditation workshop.

My next scheduled event is a Group Process in Ferndale on August 14. This is at a private residence. Please email or view the Facebook event for more info. I’m also cooking up a Group Process in Ann Arbor for Aug 18 or 19. Details to be determined. To stay in the loop, please join the Dreaming Feeling Detroit group on FB or request to get email updates.


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