Dance Church Detroit



Dance Church Detroit is coming! I first experienced Dance Church in May at the small festival Metta Morphosis. Carla Samson facilitated, as she usually does at Dance Church Ann Arbor. And it was an amazingly transformational experience that capped a lovely weekend of building new connections in Michigan’s heart-centered community.

Since then, Alex Moore and I have been working, with Carla’s guidance, to get one going in the city of Detroit. Now we finally have a plan to start on Sunday, September 14, at House of Bastet!

In short, Dance Church is a free movement practice with no verbal conversation in which people are free to express themselves however feels right. It reminded me in some ways of the ecstatic dance practices I had experienced in Colorado and Oregon. However, there are a few key differences, and this model feels “just right” to me.

Alex and I are preparing the music and planning to co-facilitate the first few. Then we’ll be inviting others to do the same. We really want this to be a Detroit community project that bridges gaps and connects people in an entirely new way.

Here are the basics:

Sunday, September 14th
11:00am – 1:00pm
House of Bastet
1301 W Lafayette Blvd
Suite 111
Detroit, MI 48226
Donation based ~ Give what your heart feels

Please view the Facebook event for more info, and join the Dance Church Detroit group for future updates!


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