Freaquinox 2014


10556961_10152227006986286_2000941599361029689_oI am scheduled to lead a workshop on the first evening of Freaquinox 2014, an intimate participatory festival at Mulberry Hill Agrarian Cooperative in Saline, Michigan.

As the Facebook event page says, “Freaquinox is our annual celebration of the bounty of the growing season, fire, the beauty of fall, the magic of life, each other and all that is good in the world.”

Freaquinox takes place Friday to Sunday, September 19-22, and admission is either by minimum 4 hours of volunteering or monetary contribution of $40 (or some other combination of performance, presentation, etc).

This is the same space where Metta Morphosis happened back in May, and Freaquinox promises to be another important gathering for the SE Michigan “tribe.” Don’t miss it!


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  1. Hey Nick, Is the Mulberry Hill Agrarian Coop still functioning? I have tried to find anything on line and it seems to disappear just around fall 2014. Can’t find anything recent. Please let me know if you know! I was looking into CSAs and loved them in the past. -Theresa


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