PBM2L Podcast Dreamwork


0e057b_a6de2f1bf1e44567970c36f0e8e5dc3c.jpg_srz_p_243_210_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzOn Tuesday, October 28, I made a short-notice appearance on the Project Bring Me to Life Podcast. Their main guest, Uche of Cosmic Village, couldn’t do the official podcast until 10pm EST. So Selomon and Co. were having an open discussion from 8-10pm. Ashton of Spaceship Earth did some live performing, and Nick Mielnicki and Shan Tastic came along for the ride as well. Everyone was in “costume” (mostly Google Hangout hats and mustaches) in honor of Halloween.

I popped on for an hour around 8:30 and suggested that we talk about dreams. Below is a video cued for right before the dreamwork begins. But you could also watch from the start and continue after I leave (Ashton’s music is stellar!). Plus, here’s the official podcast with Cosmic Village.


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