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Finding the right path to healing and self-development can seem like navigating a labyrinth. While developing my methods for facilitating a transformational process, I came across many ineffective approaches.

The wrong ways include advice based on a therapist’s personal experience or beliefs; abstract theories about what a “normal” person “should” be feeling or doing; diagnoses used in self-fulfilling ways that actually prevent people from becoming their full Self; and pressure to work on a schedule and in a setting that doesn’t fit the client’s unique needs.


My approach is specifically designed to transcend these outdated methods. My private sessions are not “therapy” in the way most people think of it. It’s self-development focused on awareness and communication. I’m simply holding space for something that’s unfolding straight from the core of your being.

Another way it’s unlike “therapy” is that it doesn’t go on forever. My goal is to lead you to a place of empowerment, where you no longer need my assistance. In other words, I want you to become your own guru. Bruce Lee reportedly said, “Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” This is the type of discernment – centered and grounded – that I can lead you to.


I can help you become a better leader, entrepreneur, and businessperson. By understanding the underlying processes in nonverbal communication (gestures, posture, tone of voice, etc.), language patterns, and more, you can become more congruent in body and mind. I teach ethical congruence and awareness of power and privilege. Interpersonal conflicts, body symptoms, or even dreams can be gateways to this kind of empowerment. This will help you thrive in any professional context.


You can expect a mixture of the following, customized to your comfort level and unique situation:

  • Re-writing self-destructive thought patterns and belief systems
  • Communication and awareness training (mindfulness, distress tolerance, assertiveness, etc.)
  • Unfolding the wisdom of your body through movement and sound
  • Exploring “edgy” territory with creative activity like drawing
  • Practicing for real situations with role play (or make-believe)

As you might imagine, this can play out like a combination of cognitive therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, bodywork, and more… often with an element that’s totally unclassifiable but still powerfully transformative.


I can help you process and integrate the content of such experiences as:

  • Interpersonal conflicts and dilemmas (including organizational ones)
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Addiction or addictive tendencies
  • Troubling body symptoms and illnesses
  • Disturbing, mysterious, or repetitive nighttime dreams
  • Meaningful coincidences (“synchronicities”)
  • Near-death and other “non-ordinary” experiences
  • And more…

I’m currently offering personal sessions on a sliding scale basis. We can work out the contribution based on your income (earned, gifted, etc.), location (in person, phone, or video call), frequency of sessions, setting (indoor or outdoor), and other factors. 

For more information or to book an appointment, use the Contact page. If you have already made an appointment, please complete the Intake Form within 24 hours of the session. If you feel called to this type of work but funds are a problem, see the Alternative Economy section below.

One other thing! I offer a discount for referrals. If someone puts your name down as a referral on their intake form, I will give you $10 off our agreed-upon session fee or one of my events (Group Process or workshop, offline or online). You can use one discount per session or event, with no limit to the overall number of discounts. 


“Your work was filled with much insight and wisdom. You were extremely sensitive to my emotional states and needs, asking questions where further comprehension was needed and always offering ideas in a confident but sensitive manner. You have opened the doors that bring direct and specific healing. The way your spirit evokes clarity of mind and soul is incredible! You also master the skill of using your verbal and nonverbal language to enhance that ability. Continue on in what you do, I pray.” –Janée Messer

“Nick, your work has a huge benefit in this world and I see it making a wonderful impact on those who are blessed enough to partake in them. Your down-to-Earth approach along with your acceptance, kind heartedness and gentleness made me feel really comfortable telling you all my feelings and emotions. Thank you.” –Christopher “Selomon” Closson

“I really enjoyed the open and welcoming space that was provided to express what came up naturally. The questions that were asked, the visualizations utilized, and techniques used helped me access my inner self in a deeper way. I specifically liked the simulations of acting and feeling like another in terms of how they looked, moved, felt, and sounded like. It was a very unique experience and technique that I was unfamiliar with but definitely helped me in broadening my understanding of those energies in a more positive and expansive way.” –Jenni Eifler

“I felt really uplifted and energised by the experience. I specifically liked the gentle questioning to keep honing in on my deepest, truest explanation, as well using hand movements and sounds to aid the process. I found it really easy to open up to you and felt that you were really present with me throughout the session.” –Danielle Marie Texeira



Awareness and communication training can be very powerful in a group setting. I host transformative self-development workshops, community open forums, ecstatic dance events, and more. I’ll post any event updates on the Calendar page, as well as in my Facebook Group.

I facilitate using Deep Democracy, which aims to represent and protect all voices and viewpoints on an issue. The idea is that all parts of a group also exist within us in some way. I train people in stepping outside their usual perspective, communicating more effectively, and opening up to unexpected magic.

As facilitator, I steer discussions in a way that brings uncomfortable feelings and issues to the surface. But the solutions to problems come from within you. In short, this about becoming your own guru. Think of it like a practice gym where we can work together to become spiritual warriors. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.”


In a longer workshop you can expect a mixture of the following:

  • Teachings from Process Work, NVC, and related systems
  • Featured demonstrations in front of the room
  • Exercises for individuals, pairs, and/or small groups
  • A full Group Process with some role playing
  • And more!


In my group events you can:

  • Practice speaking and thriving within a group
  • Access empowerment, direction, and meaning
  • Develop body-oriented conflict resolution skills (e.g., following “gut feelings”)
  • Heighten awareness about social power and privilege
  • Feel solidarity with others who are enduring similar challenges
  • Build deep connections with other participants
  • Learn how to establish more sustainable, “conscious” community

Group Processes, workshops, and retreats are priced on an individual basis. My private group facilitation rates depend on many factors such as number of participants, length of the event, and type of organization. I’m available to facilitate primarily in Southeast Michigan, but I’m open to the possibility of travel for a surcharge. For more information, use the Contact page. To arrange a workshop for your group or organization, please use the Workshop host application.


“Thank you, Nick Meador, for leading one of the more moving workshops of my life.” -Carrie Luna Collins

“Nick, thank you for facilitating the workshop at YogaFest. It was the most powerful experience of all the workshops I attended that weekend. I would go as far to say, it was the most powerful I’ve experienced in a long time. I ‘see’ people, if that makes any sense, and you are pure of heart. Intentions are genuine, I can hear it in your voice, sense it in your being. Thank you for honoring your truth and serving others. I had reached a point of ‘dislike’ for workshops but the YogaFest workshop reignited a new trust. Thank you!” -Ericka Tithof

“Your workshop was the most profound thing that happened to me at Lakes of Fire. It helped me to understand and learn a lot of things about myself I didn’t realize, and it was really amazing to learn so much from other people too. Your mediation turned it into such a fluid conversation of so much sharing and outpouring of emotions and energy, it was very, very powerful. I really have a deep respect for what you do.” -John Maguire

“Overall I feel very grateful to be part of your group process workshop.  It gives me a space to examine areas within myself and things I observe in others in a way that is judgment-free and very supportive.  It is unusual for me to find people who are willing to discuss things that are below the surface of everyday interactions.  Being able to talk about these things in a supportive space and hearing other people’s viewpoints gives me a better perspective on issues and feelings that are important to me.  Thank you for holding this space and making this group possible!” –David Trombley

“Facilitation was excellent. You kept us on topic, kept things moving around the room, and covered all the material.” –Cynthia Olcott

“You led the group, allowing for everyone to be as they needed/wanted to be, through a constructive, meaningful, poignant session that covered multiple topics that were relevant on levels ranging from individual daily concerns to what is happening on the international stage. The dream demonstration was so helpful. Thank you for allowing me and the others to experience ourselves differently, with new insights into what messages our minds and bodies are trying to send.” –Kimberly Neisch



All my services can become available to those who feel a sincere calling, whether by sliding scale/scholarship (need-based), trade (including work-study/equal energy exchange), or some other arrangement. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you do feel that calling, especially if you have an unpleasant feeling about the monetary aspect. While I set a fee for my services to assert their value, it’s my life mission to empower and liberate people – not only to work with those who are already thriving in the existing socio-economic paradigm.



I believe that any therapeutic, healing, or self-development modality can have undesirable effects, even if everyone’s intentions are good. I want to embody my beliefs about assertive feedback and accountability. If you feel that I have done anything but forward your self-development in a productive and sustainable way, I am committed to mending the situation somehow. Just contact me.


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